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Computer Insurance

Imaging of hard drive with all Windows, email and program settings. Have your computer's settings and programs backed up in case of a crash. This will save both money and time. For example if your hard drive crashes and you can't find the disks to install your programs, the image will have all of this in place already installed just like it was when the image was created.

Secure Computer

Online Backup service keeps your data safe from crashing hardware or corruption. Stand alone or working on a network, Ute City Ware will keep your data protected from predators. We'll provide the right amount of access to the right data. We'll put Antivirus, Spyware and Spam protection in place to keep your computer safe from threats.

Internet Identity

We will work with you to define goals, and get you up and running with your own Internet Identity.  Whether you are creating a complete ecommerce application, or need a personal Website to share information and pictures with your family, we will lead you through the process.  Domain name search and registration, Website and email hosting, Website design and implementation, Search Engine Optimization.

Mobile Professional

Handheld email support and Blackberry Enterprise servers enable your business to communicate in instant, synchronized swiftness. With the added ability to share contacts and calendars, your business has never run so smoothly.

Computer Tune-up

Just like your car, your computer needs servicing and sometimes repairs. Ute City Ware is always on hand to help you. With the ability to log into your computer remotely, you donít have to wait for service or take your computer anywhere for roughly 80% of all problems and servicing. If your computer has become "sluggish" we will make it faster.

Computer Upgrade

Improve your current PC's performance by rebuilding back to how it came, upgrade memory, improve space available with a new hard drive or upgrade to solid state drive.

Complete Messaging System

Have your own company email set up, supported and hosted by Ute City Ware. Use Centralized Exchange server with the ability to share contacts and calendars or just a simple POP3 email system at a very inexpensive price.

Secure Network

Network set up and maintenance with appropriate firewall and password protection in place provides a worry free office network environment. Share files and resources between offices with a secure VPN, or connect to the office from home. Fieserver with appropriate permissions for sharing of files or individual use.

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